Welcome to Import Italian and to our newly revamped site. Aside from the usual elements that you find on typical web sites dedicated to food importers, you will also find an area that serves to help our customers and consumers with quick recipes and product information.
Let me introduce myself, my name is Jack Vassallo and I am a Research and Development Chef by profession. This experience allows me to choose great, wholesome, and authentic products for Import Italian to offer our customers and ultimately the consumer.

You can’t just eat good food. You’ve got to talk about it too. And you’ve got to talk about it to somebody who understands that kind of food.

Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

When my wife and I took a sabbatical after a major health issue 14 years ago we decided to live in Italy for a few years.  We felt young and energetic enough to tackle a major undertaking of this sort and we knew many people who could help us navigate the bureaucratic waters of the mother land. If we were going to set up an import/export business, it would be a perfect way to meet  great producers and manufacturers of some of the best that Italy had to offer. So off we went in search of people, places, and things. Boy did we find a lot of things. Lots and lots of good things. Cheese, wine, cured meats, pasta, sweets, oils, the list is…..no word of a lie endless. So what can I say, what can any importer say, you must do your due diligence and follow the rules, select and bring in what the market allows for and offer your customers a great selection.

Import Italian brings you authentic products with uncompromising taste!

We thought we could learn about and source our products inside a year. Almost three years later we came back and setup our company.  At first we tried a scatter shot approach with over a thousand products. Over the years we’ve narrowed it down quite a bit and now we concentrate on items that are innovative and offer a story as well as an old world connection. Italians refer to the genuineness of the product and the experience. Yes when you consume it, you experience a feeling of genuineness. I will elaborate more on this in another blog.

For now let me conclude by saying I believe there is a responsible way to import food products that offer an elevated experience for the consumer. Our customers are important and eager to offer their clients the best products at the best prices. Import Italian is also very proud to have as suppliers some of Italy’s and Europe’s finest companies. Before I end my first blog, I welcome you to visit our Facebook page which is naturally Import Italian. There you will find fun facts, recipes, where our products are being sold locally, and pictures. I urge you to visit and tell your friends about us.