We offer our customers all the services that enable them to get the products that they need at the right price at the right time. Big or small, local or across the country we can meet your needs.

We at Import Italian believe in a team approach to getting our customers to their goal, whether its finding new and innovative products only or pursuing an aggressive private label program. We start methodically and use all our resources at our disposal. This ensures that our clients get the best possible outcome.  Our team of  marketing and R/D has over 40 years between them and coupled with logistics and sales we are able to give our clients, who for many are their first time venturing out into the private label market a pleasant and smooth experience. This approach has proven to be a winning formula.

    Private label

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    The 4 fundamental steps that private label project must follow to ensure a successful launch.
    Understanding the competition. Companies take on private-label products primarily for competitive reasons. To sell the concept effectively, you need to know your target company’s competitors and how your product improves the company’s position in relation to them. Being familiar with the competition is also important if retailers are the final stop in the targeted distribution channel.

    Making things easy. Offer services that go further than just the product, but also 360 degrees of support such as supplying the product in the buyer’s package, or that you’ll modify your package to the buyer’s specifications. If necessary, you can also offer training to the buyer’s salespeople, and you can even offer to maintain a website for the product. If you are selling to a retailer, you might want to offer a display, and you could even show a diagram of what complementary products yours should be displayed next to.

    Paying attention to your product’s packaging. Your private-label buyer is probably not going to invest much if any money in marketing. So potential buyers need to see your product and immediately realize its benefit. If you have a consumer product, take time to package your product so it sells itself. The packaging and design of a product are important if your private-label agreement is with a retailer.

    By Providing top-notch marketing support, such as attending trade shows, doing publicity releases, actively working a web page, or offering layouts for ads or brochures. You can also offer to provide customer service for handling product problems, to take care of product returns, and to suggest product improvements.